With the introduction of the datacube, only 19 inches high, in your area, e.g. office or classroom, there is no need to place network- and power connections in the conventional manner, in or on the walls. By placing the datacube it's possible to realize network- and power connections everywhere without any hassles.


Datacube Cisco Switch

Datacube Juniper Switch



  • Managable in any enterprise network
  • Mobile/Flexible use at any location
  • Input: one network and one power connection (uplink)
  • 8 or 12* ports managed Cisco or Juniper Switch
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)* / 802.1x port security
  • Support for Quarantainenet security appliance
  • Output: 8 or 12* network connections (UTP) 
  • Output: 8 or 12* power outlets 
  • Very cost effective (factor 4-5, cheaper)
  • Do you want to know how? Contact us.
* depending on switch model

The datacube is a power and network column containing a managed 1Gbit/s Cisco or Juniper switch. The datacube offers in your classroom or office always stable and secure wired network connections for your students or employees.
The datacube for offices, examination and testing environments is 
the solution to organize fixed network and power connections at low cost. (4-5 times lower).


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