datacube B.V. began in 2012. Through years of experience in the IT sector and introduction of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) within various organizations have shown that ICT facilities not always meet the requirements of the user for Laptops, computers, iPads, Android Tablets and Smartphones. There was a need for the services, and especially its continuity, to ensure the area of ​​bandwidth and Internet access. Especially during important moments (exams, classes, design (CAD) applications). 

The company provides advice and installation in this area. Not only by applying the datacube, but also to share this knowledge with the leaders of your IT organization and management in the field of BYOD, Virtualization, Information Management Cloud and Application integration.

About the team

With an experience of over 20 years in the IT sector as a change manager I had a lot to do with innovative products and services. Because of this I can organize and manage complex IT departments and apply the latest development within an organization. Under my leadership I succeed to transform a team in professionals with vision and no-nonsense goals. Lots of work experience in various sectors with a passion in customer service. The customer is always right and thinking in solutions, instead of problems, is majority. 

Jacco Heikoop, CEO


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