With the introduction of the datacube in your area, e.g. office or classroom, there is no need to place power outlets and network connections in the conventional manner, in or on the wall. Read more ››
  • Managable in any enterprise network
  • Mobile/Flexible use at any location
  • Input: one network and one power connection (uplink)
  • Output: 8 or 12 network connections (UTP)
  • Output: 8 or 12 power outlets
  • Only 19 inches high 
  • Very cost effective (factor 4-5, cheaper)

Datacube Cisco Switch

Datacube Juniper Switch



datacube B.V. is founded in 2012. Through years of experience in the IT sector and introduction of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) within various organizations have shown that BYOD not always meets the requirements of the user. We can make the diverence by deploying our experience within your organisation.


Through years of experience in both the public sector and public sector in various positions, we can combine theory and practice well. This allows us to assess your organisation as no other organisation.
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  • Scan your organization / department
  • Coaching / mentoring of management team (IT, Operations)
  • Coaching / mentoring of administrators (system, functional)
  • Sessions in Vision and Information Environments
  • Presentations on applying IT, BYOD, Virtualization and Cloud
  • interim Management
  • Advisory in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperating an IT environment
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